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Young, Colored & Angry was a single-issue online magazine and live exhibition created by Ashley Rahimi Syed and Elliott Brown, Jr. It exclusively featured People of Color, and focused on issues of racial identity. Over 40 artists and academics were involved, hailing from NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minnesota, London, Palestine and Accra. YCA debuted in April 2015. The online magazine has amassed over 10 thousand unique views, and the live event was attended by hundreds of guests.

> As Editors-in-Chief of the magazine, Ashley and Elliott determined the subject matter, tone and style. They engaged all of the contributors, pitched ideas to writers, copy-edited and fact-checked every article, and produced the graphics and imagery. As curators, they worked with artists to develop and execute each individual piece, and determined how to best present them in the space.

> This project was featured in New York Magazine and VICE, among others.